How Can Data Theft Be Restricted?

Data theft is the illegal access to, transfer, or storage of someone else’s confidential information.

It applies to everything from passwords and financial records to business technologies and trade secrets.

As hacking has become more prevalent these days, data theft prevention has become infinitely more important.

Yet before any business can succeed in protecting its data, data prevention theft services stress the importance of understanding two things: how it happens, and what can be done to prevent it. 

How Does Data Theft Happen?

Data theft prevention companies find that businesses experience network breaches that lead to data theft for some very common reasons: 

  • Weak passwords
  • Phishing attacks
  • Network or software vulnerabilities
  • Malware
  • Human error 
  • Insider threats
  • Database and server hacking

How Can Data Theft Be Prevented?

Acknowledging these most common causes of vulnerabilities that make breaches possible, data theft prevention companies stress the importance of addressing each of these issues in the development of an effective data theft prevention and network security plan: 

  • Secure network configuration - Businesses should always work with an MSP that specializes in data theft prevention services to design and construct their work networks and plan for things like access tiers, secure outsourced services, and internal cybersecurity policies. 
  • Password Policies - Employees should be required to create secure passwords, change them frequently, and use multi-factor authentication on all devices and logins. 
  • Regular Updating - All applications and software should be kept up-to-date, with updates being installed as soon as they become available, as many updates include new security features to eliminate discovered vulnerabilities. 
  • Account and Network Monitoring - Data theft prevention companies can install built-in network monitoring features that can notice potential threats as, or before they are happening, to activate automatic protections and alerts, minimizing damage. Business and employee accounts should always be monitored for unusual activity that could indicate a breach.
  • Employee Training - Employees must be trained on proper security policies, how to recognize digital threats that could lead to data theft, and avoiding exposure from unsecured WiFi connections. 

Preventing Data Theft Is Vital To Every Company!

Data theft prevention is challenging, but a necessary factor for every business today that uses technology in any form.

Since it all starts with a safe and secure network, starting off with a data theft prevention company is the best approach to build security features into that network and reduce vulnerabilities.

The rest depends on creating effective security policies that provide data theft prevention and good company compliance.

Collectively, these two efforts can help businesses of all kinds avoid data breaches and the costly damage that they can bring.