What Have Been Major Trends in IT Consulting in 2022?

Trends in IT consulting services change as the years pass and new challenges arise within the industry.

Over the last couple of years, trends related mainly to finding ways to keep businesses going during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, IT consulting finds its biggest trends to once again be related to adaptiveness and adopting global practices as technology improves.

These are the key trends for IT consulting services in 2022 and looking toward 2023.

  1. AI and Newer Digital Technology - Digital technology is quickly advancing these days to meet the demands for newer, better ways of doing business. IT consulting must adopt and incorporate AI into their services to improve their workflows and decision-making in a faster-paced work environment. 
  2. Expanding Cloud-Based Services - The pandemic created a massive shift to cloud-based services as many businesses adapted to make working out of the office possible. Now, IT services must expand their cloud-based services as demand continues to increase. Seeing the possibilities, more companies are now turning to cloud-first infrastructure than ever before. 
  3. ESG Compliance - Environmental, social, and governmental compliance has become a major concern for many businesses today as pressure to acknowledge climate change and other factors continues to increase. As such, IT consulting services must be aware of ESG compliance and how it affects different businesses, including their own, and the ways that business practices must be evolved to be compliant.    
  4. Global Recruitment -With 2022 being the year that most companies are getting back on their feet after two years of the pandemic, IT consulting, among many other businesses, must now expand its recruitment globally to find the right specialists and employees. Fortunately, with a greater emphasis on cloud-based services and remote working, this is easier than ever to implement. 
  5. Improved Retention Strategies - As technology advances and the demand for cloud-based services and other technology increases, the demand for IT consulting services is increasing with it. A challenge that consulting firms now face is retaining the best talent. IT services must review their retention strategy and improve it as more competitors flood their market. 

As the need for IT continues to change and grow in 2022, so does the need for skilled IT consulting services.

Consultants who wish to stay on top of their field, best serve their business clients, and attract and retain the best talent must evolve along with the industry.

These 5 trends mark the areas that IT services must pay attention to and keep developing to stay on top of their game in 2023.