Understanding Data Security Breaches for Best Cybersecurity Planning!

When planning for business cybersecurity and security breach prevention, it is essential that companies understand how their data becomes at risk in the first place.

Security breach prevention consulting services have identified multiple ways in which businesses are victimized, losing sensitive digital information to data theft.

Cybersecurity breaches happen in more ways than most might think.

Understanding the risks is the key to preventing them, according to leading security breach prevention companies, since some security risks are less obvious. 

What Are Data Theft Categories?

Security breach prevention consulting services typically break security risks that result in data theft into two categories, those being digital breaches and physical breaches.

When planning for security breach prevention, many businesses erroneously forget to include physical breaches in their cybersecurity planning, but it is just as important. 

Don't Forget About Physical Cybersecurity Breaches!

Physical breaches to address include the most obvious one of keeping a secure building and facility, but it goes far beyond that.

Security breach prevention companies find social engineering breaches or planned physical breaches, occurring more frequently these days.

These types of breaches involve physical break-ins, unauthorized entry via tailgating, internal threats removing physical or digital data or uploading malware to the network, and other methods. 

What Are Common Digital Threats?

The digital threats that security breach prevention services see affecting business networks are many.

Ransomware and malware are at the top of the list and the ones that tend to be the most damaging.

In addition to those, security breach prevention companies find that even less malicious issues like falling prey to phishing emails, eavesdropping, and login breaches due to insecure password practices and poor adherence to cybersecurity policies are responsible for many hacks. 

Understand How Digital Information is Lost

Security breach prevention must always start with a full understanding of the many ways in which digital information can be stolen, both digital and physical, and the relationship between them both.

Considering the way in which technology is now connected to so many more elements through the Internet of Things, security breach prevention companies are seeing more each year how physical breaches are used to orchestrate digital breaches, and vice-versa. 

Understand How Data Is Illegally Accessed

Depending on the company, its physical work facility, how it uses its network and devices, and the applicable threats, security breach prevention consulting services must be planned out accordingly.

That might include beefing up physical security with alarms, cameras, and other monitoring devices or personnel as well as developing effective company security policies against both physical and digital threats.

Security breach prevention must address all ways that data can be illegally accessed to reduce a company’s cybersecurity risk and reduce data theft liability!